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Special Area Classes at GCA

GCA students receive instruction in computer education, STEM, physical education, dance, music, art, and Spanish.


Computer Education

Computer Application Training begins with Kindergarten and is integrated throughout the elementary curriculum. Digital devices such as IPads, laptops, and networked computers are integrated into the elementary school instructional program. Smart Boards and a variety of other technologies are available in every teaching space at GCA.



Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics learning experiences are emphasized in all grade levels at GCA.  Students use 21st-century learning tools to solve open-ended, real-world problems that require the integration and application of knowledge and skills from all four disciplines. These hands-on, project-based learning experiences help our students to become technological thinkers prepared to be competitive in today’s contemporary marketplace. 


Physical Education

Physical Education classes include instruction of individual activities as well as team sports to encourage lifelong physical activity.  Daily recess and intentional physical activity are also provided.


Music and Dance

Our Christian, Biblical approach to teaching music and dance will use songs from scripture with instruction built upon biblical precepts. Dramatic Dance can be a valuable tool for reinforcing Bible lessons and historical events that students are studying.  



Art is an integral part of Christian Education. Students will gain the ability to study and enjoy art in God’s creation; learn about and use various techniques and media for artistic expression, and appreciate the usefulness and importance of art in the world around us.  We will balance all art instruction from a Christian perspective.



Students will be introduced to the Spanish language at the elementary level.