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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Grace Christian Academy. As a ministry of The Lamb’s Chapel Church, Grace Academy seeks to assist Christian families as they strive to develop Christ-like, respectful, confident, and capable disciples who will continue to learn, grow, and serve Christ in the world. Through the integration of a quality academic program, Christian faith ministry, and a biblical worldview, we help parents teach students to glorify Jesus Christ and better understand their call to share their faith, living it out daily as they become successful learners and bright lights in the community.

At Grace Academy, we will provide a nurturing Christian environment where we enhance academic, physical, social, and spiritual skills by exposing students to biblical principles as a framework for all that is taught. Our teachers and support staff are highly qualified professionals who embody the qualities and display the character that we seek to instill in our students. Our daily goal is to exemplify Christ through our Godly example in attitude, spirit, and actions in and out of the classroom.

We invite you to carefully review our vision and mission as you examine our priorities and distinctive, as well as our educational standards, philosophy, and goals. Our main objective is to assist each child in pursuit of educational excellence and saving knowledge of, and relationship with, Jesus Christ. We partner with the Christian family, who together with Christ, can achieve tremendous things for each child.

As you give significant and careful thought to your child’s education, we encourage you to pray and ask God for wisdom in your school decisions. We know He will provide the necessary guidance you need to help them grow like “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”-Luke 2:52 Please let us know if we can assist you on this journey through Christian Education.